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Cat obsession

by Dave

My 8 year old jack russel is obsessed with our new kitten and he will not listen to anyone else while the cat is around. He gets "crazy eyes" and seems to want to kill it. We had a cat previously which he didn't care much for... Is there anything to take his mind off of the kitten? Please help!

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Jul 07, 2013
How's the situation now?
by: Gregh1981

I hope everything turned out alright. Jacks have an insatiable lust for prey. If he sees that kitty as prey, nothing will deter him from trying to get it.

May 12, 2013
Jacks and cats
by: Paula

I'm a little worried for your kitten. Some Jacks have no problem with cats and can easily coexist with them. Others cannot. It may be that your Jack is one of those. I don't have a crystal ball and can't make a prediction what will happen but I would be very very vigilant about not leaving the two of them alone together. And even when they are in the same room I would be very caution and possibly keep your Jack on a leash if you feel necessary. Because Jacks are hunters are heart, a little kitten can be very tempting. Maybe extra outdoor exercise will wear him out so that he has no energy to spend on the cat?

I feel bad saying this, but you may consider rehoming one of them :-(

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