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by Anne

I have an 7 year old male jack russell. Ever since he was a puppy he would pee on rugs if left alone. If there is a towel on the floor and he is left alone, he will pee on it. If there is a washcloth on the floor and he is left alone, he will pee on it. He is fine if he is on a hard surface floor with no rugs. He doesn't have a medical condition and can hold his urine fine during the day and at night as long as there isn't a rug or towel or blanket laying around. Also, if I get him a doggie bed, he will pee all over that too. I have tried everything I can think of and am at a loss. What could be causing this. I have to pick up all of our rugs everytime I am going to leave the house. There has to be a better way.

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Feb 18, 2014
JRT peeing on rugs
by: Daniel

Rugs are very absorbent. When a dog chooses a place to urinate , they usually choose an absorbent surface. When you wash the rugs are you using an enzymatic cleaner? I love Natures Miracle. If you are not using an enzymatic cleaner she will still smell the spots on the rugs and do it again. You might want to think about crating your dog while you are out. Most dog really like the crate because it create a warm safe place. That way he wouldn't have access to your rugs as well.

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