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Chasing after Pheasants and Partridges

by Valerie

My 11 month old JR and I are lucky enough to live in the English countryside and take long walks across the fields and through the woods. He has recently developed a taste for chasing pheasants and partridges and takes off as soon as he gets scent of one. I have now had to put him back on the lead which spoils our walks as he constantly pulls in pursuit of the birds! I have tried a long line but it gets tangled in brambles and bushes. I also go armed with high value treats but it doesn't help with recall in these circumstances. I realise that JRs are bred to hunt, but I need to find a solution to this problem. Any advice gratefully received!

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Aug 20, 2011
Jack Russell chasing birds
by: Brian

Hmmm, is there a way for your Jack to get out some pent up energy before your walk? Like maybe a fenced in area where he could run around for awhile. Also, trying doing some recall training with him and when you go on your walk, maybe do it before a meal so that when you do recall with him he is hungrier and a high value treat is more effective.

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