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Chewing fur off

by Katie

I have a nine year old female jack and need answers!! The past couple of years shes been itching around her tail so much she chews her fur off....IT's not fleas! or from one flea bite. We've treated house, yard and other dog for fleas. Used hot spot treatment, she chews right through it. I'm sure that doesn't taste good at all. Not anal glands, had them released a couple times before. changed diet so many times... no chicken... no corn...raw food name it. Took her to dog dermitologist, did skin scrapping they found nothing. tested for fleas, mange, worms...I did more exercise with her, no change. It's not seasonal, all year long! Only relief she gets is from steriods, and that's not even 100% better.. and long term steriods is not a good idea.

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Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Maybe she has some kind of Allergy I have 2 JRT,s and both cannot have any kind of grain.I know my Elvis used to chew his fur and his feet and evr since I changed his food I have nevr had a problem at all.Do you have yours on grain free food?I homecook for my 3 dogs it is really easy and it is all healthy and the recipe came from a Vet.If you want the recipe please email me at and I will gladly give it to you you cook it in a Crockpot and it is really easy to do?

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