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Chewing on carpet

by Deb

I have a 14 month old female Jack Russell and i cannot get her to stop chewing on certain things. I realize she will always want to chew on something but I cannot afford to replace the carpet! I can put everything else up and away where she can't get it except this. She doesn't do it when I am not here only when I'm sitting on the couch right beside her! She has plenty of chew toys and rawhide bones to chew on. Also, I need help breaking her of attacking (not by biting but jumping and licking) people when they come in the door. Help! I love her to death and don't wanna break her spirit. I knew what I was getting into when I got her. I have had her since whe was 2 months old.

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Jan 08, 2013
Vinegar, and the penny can !
by: Paddy's mom

Spray Vinegar, where your puppy is chewing on the carpet, clip any loose threads, and put packing tape over it if necessary. or furniture, once they get started puling , it's like "snake".
One of my best STOP IT strategies, is the PENNY can. Simply rinse out a soft drink can, put several pennis in it, tape the top closed, and keep it handy. When the dog does disobeys, shake the can. It isn't 100% but it helps. A resounding NO added to the shaking is good too. I got that from a training camp. Good luck!

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