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Chicken Chasing

by Damon
(Lucas, TX, United States)

My year and a half old Jack Russel Terrier has a chicken chasing problem. He is submissive and will not chase them when I am around, but has already killed one chicken that got into his pen when I was not there. He also loves to chase cows and horses, even though he has been knocked silly several times. He was not introduced to those animals during his puppy months, so I believe it may be too late. Is there anything that I can do to train him to stop his terrible habits? Or is that just an instinct that I was too late in stopping?

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Dec 27, 2011
Jack Russell chasing chickens
by: Charles

Jack Russells have a strong drive for chasing and killing prey, it's a natural instinct. Some drives are higher then others. Even with training I don't believe you could ever fully trust them to suppress that drive. It might be more fruitful investing your time keeping your Jack away from the livestock when you are not around or separating your chickens to a different more fenced in area or keeping your Jack in his own area.

I must admit though, the thought of a Jack trying to chase cows and horses did make me giggle a little! Those Jacks have nerves of steel!

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