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Chris Brown

Hi I have a 3 year old female jack russel who I have had since she was 8 week old,when she was young I could take her out and let her off and she would play and run around happily with all dogs but now I cannot let her off as she attacks other dogs if they come anywhere near me,it's getting bad,she will even bark and growl at children when she's on her lead,I took her to Obediance classes hoping that would sort it but with no avail,there is one dog who she has seen since was a baby and she's ok with him but if a dog comes near him while their together she will go for the other dog,I hope you can give me some guidance here it's getting unbearable.
Cheers Chris Brown.

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell getting aggressive
by: Ryan

So sorry to hear about some of the issues you've been having. First, I would get your Jack checked out by a vet to make sure the aggression doesn't have something to do with being in pain. Then, because things are getting worse with the aggression and obedience class hasn't worked, I would consider getting a trained pet behaviorist to help you out so that things don't get worse. i would hate for another dog to get hurt.

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