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Chuck Kobert

by Chuck Kobert
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

My Jack Russell female is about 5 months old and seems to provide no indicators of having to urinate and shows no control outside of her crate. Is this normal? Is there something I should be noticing? I'm up for any suggestions.

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Aug 15, 2011
Jack Russell peeing
by: Anonymous

This is normal for puppies. Most don't have control over their bladders until 4-5 months. You should be taking your Jack on a regular schedule and very very frequently. This will cut down on accidents. Take her first thing in the morning and then roughly every 2 hours, after naps and before crating. Basically, all the time. When you take her out, don't give any contact or voice until after she goes and then give her lots of positive feedback.
Make sure you are using special pet spray from a pet store to take away all odors and scents from any indoor accidents.

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