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Clingy JRT

by sara

My minature Jack Russell bitch is is 2 and has not been spayed has suddenly had a character change!
She has gone more clingy than normal and if you are sat on the sofa and she wants you she will bark and whine till you get up and see what she wants. She is also very hungry all the time. She is a happy go lucky little girl and that has not changed. She is not nasty in any way.

Any ideas would be helpful!

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Sep 03, 2012
wrong breed
by: nick gratton

theres no such thing as a minature jack russell, what you have is definitely NOT jack russell!!!

Aug 31, 2012
Clingy JRT
by: Deborah

First of all when you fix any dog they calm down completely and your Jack must love you all the way I have 2 Jacks one is named Elvis and he is 5 and he is very Independent and my second one is 21 months old and he is very lovie and sticks to me like glue and both of mine lick me like Im a Lollipop it is all the time,I really think you are very lucky to have a Jack like that,They usually are very independent!Take all the love you can get from your Jack!

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