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Coco the adorable jack russell terrier

by Coleen Sander

Coco with Buddy

Coco with Buddy

Coco, a jack russell terrier, now age 5 1/2) was hand raised from birth since her mom refused to nurse 7 pups after she had a emergency C-Section early one morning.) I had already paid for her in advance so I had first pick. The breeders told me the mom killed 3 when left with them alone, 1 was put to sleep during delivery at birth due to deformed, and 3 survived. I chose Coco! The breeders had to go away for two weeks and couldn’t raise the 3 remaining pups by hand. I offered to take them to hand raise till 8 weeks. They wanted the best marked dog but I could keep Coco for free, and also the third pup. I drove 3 hrs. To pick them up, got home and read all that I could to hand raise them. My neighbor lost her Jack Russell Terrier so she took one of the 3 pups that I brought home. To date, all 3 have great homes! Coco is loving smart, and deeply bonded to me.

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