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collapsing jack russell terrier

my 1 year old jack russel keeps collapsing evry now and again for a minute or so then will be back to normal as lively as ever the vet said his heart and everything sounds fine but its starting to worry me now thanks in advance for any advise

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Oct 16, 2011
collapse - scary!
by: Judy

My JR (9 or 10 yrs (rescue so not sure of age)began having episodes - hanging his head, sluggish, finally collapsed and couldn't get up. The vet said he possibly had white shaking dog syndrome - inflammation of the central nervous system - and after treatment with Prednisone he is ok now. I am not sure of the diagnosis anymore and neither is he - but I feel it could be stress related. He is off the Prednisone now and I give him fish oil - so far so good. I doubt this is your dog's problem but you might ask the vet about this syndrome which is more common in young small white dogs - though typically the symptoms are trembling and muscle spasms. I guess seizures are a possbility the vet might have considered. Good luck - hopefully he will outgrow this!

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