Companion for my 4 year old Male Jack Russell

by Alfie

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help I have a four year old Male Jack Russell and he lost he 11 year old male Jack Russell companion 2 months ago and he really hasn't been himself ever since bless him, we are considering getting him a new companion, we was thinking of a Labrador puppy but not sure if we should get a male of female? He isn't that great with other dogs when we take him out? He has never been neutered, I obviously would have one of them neutered but was just wondering if he would get on better with a male or female really, if anyone has been in the same situation, many thanks

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Oct 26, 2015
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Nov 12, 2012
Who to neuter?
by: Paddy's mom

Vets agree that all animals that aren't specifically being targeted for breeding purposes, should be neutered, and are better pets for it.
There is some cost, but many local agencies help with this, just check ..
I would not choose a lab for a JRT companion. Perhaps you could adopt a JRT rescue?
Other terriers also might make a good match for your older JRT.
Good luck! and Please give your sweet pup extra love n treats !
Hi 5 from Paddy..

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