The Cost of Jack Russell Terriers

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The Cost of Jack Russell Terriers

Before buying, everyone needs to know the cost of JRTs – not just in terms of the original payment, but also in terms of the ongoing cost.

The Initial Cost of Jack Russell Terriers

Buying a Jack Russell Terrier is a big step, but luckily the cost of JRTs isn’t as high as many of the other breeds of dog. This could be because they aren’t as desirable as some of the more glamorous breeds, and also could be because of the fact that they aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club. Whatever the reason though, a healthy Jack Russell Terrier puppy shouldn’t cost anyone more than $700 – obviously the final cost depends on the history of the dog and the history of the parents when it comes to JRTCA events and competitions. For an unproven dog – perfect for those who just want a pet – then the cost of Jack Russell Terriers will be closer to $200.

It should be noted that those looking to spend a large amount of money – i.e. those looking for a proven history and the ability to breed and compete – should always do some homework regarding the breeder that they are buying from. This is because unfortunately there are some unscrupulous breeders out there who pretend to be something that they are not, therefore you should check with the JRTCA should you need further clarification.

The Ongoing Cost of JRTs

Keeping a Jack Russell Terrier, as with any other breed of dog, is something that will cost money every single month. There are a huge amount of different costs that will be incurred throughout the year, so it is important to decide whether your finances can withstand this type of onslaught before purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier. There are many stories of people buying a dog and only afterwards finding out that they can’t afford to keep it – something that is hugely unfair on the excited new puppy that has just been brought home.

Perhaps the most obvious ongoing cost of JRTs is the food that they are going to need to be supplied with every single day. Granted, they don’ eat as much as larger dogs and are therefore cheaper in comparison, but they will still cost the owner money buying food every single week. Those that think that they can get away with feeding their dog cheap food should also think again, as cheap food rarely gives the dog what it needs; better quality food will lead to a much healthier dog in the long term, even if it leads to a lower bank balance.

The other ongoing cost of Jack Russell Terriers is the fact that they could possibly need to see a vet at some point in their life – a trip that can cost thousands of dollars! This is obviously a big commitment and it is up to the owner to have that kind of money available whenever needed. The best solution here is to take out pet insurance, which will cost a few dollars per month but save huge amounts of money in the long term.

These are just two of the expenses that buying a Jack Russell Terrier can incur. There are many others as well – such as flea treatment, dogs and beds – so make sure that you weigh up the true cost of JRTs before making the purchase!

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