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Coughs and passes out

by Shawn
(Pennsylvania )

I was wondering if my dog had a condition of some sort? I gave him a bath today he came running out of the bathroom like he normally does then he started breathing very heavily and almost passed out his eyes were open but his legs and everything else gave out. After about 30 seconds or so he is back to normal. He has a bad cough also it comes randomly and it's harsh it almost seems like a hair ball but it is not I don't understand.

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Feb 18, 2014
Jack Russell passing out
by: Brian

I am sorry to hear about your little Jack's problems. I'm wondering if he is either having seizures, or he is having syncopal (passing out)episodes.

Seizures usually have a pre-ictal (pre-seizure), ictal and definite post-ictal periods. They usually have a definite lack of consciousness during the seizure (eyes could be open, but they are not aware). When they have come out of the seizure they are disoriented and clumsy. They also sometimes lose their urine and/or stool during the event.

Syncope or passing out episodes can occur with anything which doesn't allow enough oxygen to the brain. This most commonly occurs with heart issues. If there is heart disease or if the rhythm of the heart is abnormal, the animal will pass out and may even stop breathing for a few moments. This is certainly dangerous!

Or it just be that your Jack is recovering from a bad cold. Either way, keep documentation if this happens again (when/where) and definitely think about seeing a vet soon just to discuss his health.

Hope your little guy feels better soon!

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