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Crazy since lockdown

by Yasmin

My dog Abby is a bit crazy since march 21th. At first she went for long walks only on weekends . Since then she does her business and wants to go home. She is 8 years old and uncastratet. We have her since she was thre months old. The amount of action she has is the same. In addition to wals we play several times a day with a ball, rope or other dog toy for the duration of 45 minutes at the minimum. And i train command or tricks on top. The weird thing: She bobs her head or nodds. It´s almost as if her neck is stiff. And she could do this for ever, if not i or my mother would snap her out of it via taking to her . Then she stops. And starts if you dont start immeditly to cater to her. And she starts to bark very loud and shril. The vet say she is healthy . Other JRT that i know of have smilar weird behavior in the same timframe . Can she sniff the virus in the air or has it some other possible cause. I would love to hear other experiences

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May 29, 2020
Jack Russell Terrier is Acting Strange Since The Pandemic
by: Anonymous

Our dogs are very sensitive to humans-our changes in routine and emotions. I wonder if your dog could be acting differently due to the change in your routine/emotions in your household since the pandemic hit.

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