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by Tracey
(Rayleigh, Essex UK)

I have a 16 3/4 year old Jack Russell. She is waking us in the night to go or has weed. She also has occasional bouts of vomiting or diarhoea. She was found to be allergic to all meats except turkey so has been on a specific diet all her life (the allergy was skin related). Recently she has been off her food so have been giving her food that she shouldn't really have to ensure she eats. Was I right in feeding other foods? Approx 5 years ago she was diagnosed with mild liver damage. I'm thinking her symptoms are related to this. She sleeps a lot now, has cataracts, slight loss of hearing, fatty lumps over a lot of her body. She still has times of being lively. Should I be taking her to see a vet? At her age I don't want any intervention or major testing but am I being cruel to her? I can't tell if she is suffering any pain other than knowing if she is pressed underneath near hind legs that she will turn to possibly bite you although she never has.

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Feb 21, 2014
Jack with urination issues
by: James

So very sorry to hear about your Jack's kidney's but I'm glad you caught it now.
Your Jack's case had me curious and it sounds like diet can play a big role with dogs who have kidney issues. Here is one of the links I found. I'm sure your vet can give you some good advice about how to proceed.

and here is another one:

Thinking of you and your Jack. Hope she feels better soon.

Feb 20, 2014
Vet Answer
by: Tracey

Took her to vet this week. Her heart is very strong. Results of blood test show her kidneys are failing. Going to start on medication to help her and possibly a diet change to help kidneys as long as it doesn't conflict with her allergies to meats, wheat, corn and oats.

Feb 07, 2014
Jack peeing at night
by: James

Your Jack is getting up their in doggy years. The peeing at night could be a sign of a bladder infection. Maybe try cutting off the water after a certain time at night and increasing the number of walks before bedtime to see if that helps.
In terms of the food, when you change a dogs diet to quickly it can result in a stomach upset. Maybe using the same food you were using before but adding some "doggy gravy" that you can buy at a pet store to entice her, or cover the food with some cheese or even a scoop of yogurt of pumpkin (and that will also aid in digestion).
It can't hurt to see what a vet would say and then it would be up to you to decide if you would want to proceed. Such tough decisions when they get older!

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