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Daisy is quivering

Daisy is a Jack Russell X Patterdale. She is 4 years old. She has been having 'quivering' sessions for some time now and they are becoming increasingly frequent. She quivers and hides away until it is all over, then she is fine. Does anyone know what is going on? Please? Margaret

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Apr 03, 2013
Daisy quivering
by: Darlene

Sorry to hear about Daisy quivering. I wonder if it could be White Shaker dog syndrome. That's what our JRT had. White shaker dog syndrome is usually first noted in a puppy and young dog between the ages of six months and three years. The dogs will usually start with a slight tremor that will either stay mild in nature or become more pronounced for a period of about three to four days. Once it has reached this stage the tremor will typically stay at that intensity unless it is treated. The condition becomes much more pronounced when the dog tries to focus on something, especially if he or she becomes active or excited. Often it is very pronounced when the dog has been alone and sees the family when they return from work or school. When the dog is relaxed or resting the tremors disappear, often completely. Our Vet recommended steroid or our Jack and that seemed to help a bit. But I would definitely get Daisy checked out because there are some neurological issues that can look like White Shaker Dog Syndrome but are actually more serious.

Hope this helps!

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