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by Jean

We are a retired couple in our late seventies and bought a three month old Jack crossed with a Yorkie.. She's two years old now and an absolute joy, and such a character who gets a lot of attention
She's taken for walks 2or3 times a day in open countryside where she defacates and urinates.
But over a few weeks now she has started to defacate in the house during the night sometimes
urinating, but not every time.Even though she is taken outside last thing at night when she sometimes defacates. Nothing has changed in her routine, and seeing all the attention she gets..I can't believe she wants more..We've started to feed her earlier in the day say around 3/4 pm..thinking that might solve the problem and even laying a puppy training pad by the door -which on one occasion she actually did it there, whereby I made a big fuss of praise to her, then thinking that the problem had been solved, but no back to 'on the carpet' The thing is if she needs to do it..what else can she do. Hope someone can help..

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