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I have two JRTs. One is very laid back. The other has the traits of a typical JRT that sometimes urinates on our bed. Both of my JRTs sleep on this same bed with my wife and I. She did this before and even after we had her fixed. I've had to purchase a new king size mattress so you see my concern. I love both of them like children. By the way....they're both females. Please help.

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Feb 24, 2010
Curing urination problems in Jack Russells
by: Tom

Hi David,

This is a very hard question to answer without more information, because there are different causes of problem urination (fear, health problems, training problems, dominance issues, and so on) and they all require a different approach to fix.

The first obvious thing that springs to mind is: don't let her sleep on your bed. Maybe try crate training. This may not solve the problem entirely, but it will at least save your bed.

Apart from that most I can suggest without knowing more about the circumstances is that you repeat the housetraining process to try to encourage better bladder control.

Urination problems are too complex to deal with here. I cover all the different types of urination problem behavior and what to do about them in my training ebook so that may be worth a look if repeating the housetraining process doesn't solve the problem.

Best of luck David,

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