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Deborah O

(Rice MN 56367)

My Jack Russell Petey kills all his toys by shaking the toys neck. If he gets a skunk, weasel, mice, or a woodchuck he attacks it till it is dead. If I would get a kitten do you think Petey would kill it right away Too? When we had cats Petey feft them alone as they were bigger than him, but now a kitten would be much smaller than him. I want a kitten before I die, but hubby sats Petey would kill it. What do you think.Thanks

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Feb 01, 2014
Jack with a kitten
by: Barbara

Given your Jack's history with other animals unfortunately I don't think he could handle having a kitten around. Kittens are adorable and sweet but also naive and trusting. I think Petey would eat a kitten for lunch. Even if you got a kitten and watched it all the time, the one time you turned your back, Petey might attack it and then I am sure the guilt would weigh heavily upon you. Maybe it's just best to visit kittens at a shelter or pet center but not bring one home.

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