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by derek
(huntingdon )

Hi I have two dogs one staffie who is very soft and gentle with everything dogs and humans alike, the other is a jrt and up till now they have been the best of friends I've had them both since they were 2 years old,berry the staffie is being continually intimidated by hugo the jrt they are been spayed\neutered any help would be most welcome as I can't carry on with a atmosphere in the house thanks..

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Feb 14, 2014
Friends now foes
by: Greg

Unfortunately dogs can have a change of heart when it comes to friendship. One of the first things to look at is exercise. Are your dogs, especially the Jack getting enough energy out during the day? A tired dog means a less aggressive dog. Also, it sounds like you might need to reestablish yourself as the alpha to your Jack. Still feed the dominant Jack first but make him sit and wait for his food. Then feed the staffie next in a separate area. Have the dogs sit and wait while you get their leashes to go out and make sure you are the first one out the door. If your Jack is having trouble sitting it might be time for some refreshers with obedience. Also, don't let the two of them be alone together. Keep them in separate sleeping areas. If things don't improve then definitely consider hiring a professional that is trained in dog aggression to help you out so that your everyday life isn't filled with this!

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