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Diagnosis Same as post 3 months ago

by april
(charleston, wv)

My 3 yr old min-pin/jrt mix didn't greet me at the door yesterday (I thought it was odd.) Then she wouldn't get up go go outside with me & she looks forward to that every day when I get home from work. I picked her up and took her outside, she peed but then just stood there looking at me. There are two very small steps that she wouldn't run up like she usually does. When I picked her up and helped her in she acted like I was crushing her or something, couldn't hardly breathe. About a year ago she pulled a muscle so I had muscle relaxers in cabinet and put in food so she would eat it. She didn't feel like eating either. She finally ate some when my daughter fed it to her from her hand, but not eating like normal. I tried to lay her on my lap but she wouldn't lay down all the way and kept shaking. So her symptoms are she won't jump, barely will walk, lethargic, lack of appetite, has peed normal but hasn't had poop. I'm very worried about her :(

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Apr 16, 2015
Jack Russell won't walk
by: James

Poor baby. I'm wondering if she pulled/sprained something particularly her back. I would have your vet check for pulled muscles but you also may want to check for Lyme's disease (since that can make a dog lethargic), pinched nerves or an infection.
I'm hoping everything is ok with your doggie!

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