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Hi my jack Russell was very sick last night and all he wanted to do was lick everything. We he was out side all he wanted to do was eat grass. He has been a bit better today, but he's starting to lick the floor and boak again tonight. What should I do. If he's like that in the morning I'm gonna take him to the vet. Could it be his hair as he's casting like mad? I know it sounds strange. Any advice thanks

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Jan 05, 2015
update on my little guy!
by: Diane

Thanks for your comment. I took him to the vet that very next day and the vet just said he had an upset tummy. They gave him a anti sickness injection. They also gave me a liquid and a syringe which I had to give him an hour before feeding him and watch that he was drinking and eating and keeping it down. (Which he was). He's right as rain now.

Jan 04, 2015
Jack eating grass and licking
by: James

It's weird to see our dogs eating grass but actually it's a very common thing. Grass can actually aid in digestion. I"m not sure how dogs know this but they do. The sudden licking can be a sign of nausea. It sounds like your dog my be having some tummy troubles and is trying to relieve himself (or make himself vomit). Is everything ok with your little guy? Did you end up taking him to the vet?

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