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by Diane

Anyone out there who can give any advice on training JRussels with cats. The problem is:-
We have a bearded collie Klara (6years old) and a Cat (Bramble) both rescue, who both get on famously rubbing up against each other, Bramble even comes on walks with us, a peaceful balanced household, I have had 3 dogs in the past each time with a cat and never had any problems, and never envisaged the problems that we would have. My sister and husband have moved in with us with their pet J Russel ( Ted 3 years old) and chaos has errupted , he gets on well with Klara, ( though she has tried to divert him away from Bramble and also come to let us know when he has gone after her) but he is making Bramble's and our lives very distressing. Ted is a lovely dog, trained to sit and stay and wants to please in all aspects other than the cat, he is not top dog in the house, we keep him in his place and the cat is fed first followed by Klara then Ted, we don't give him an inch, but as soon as our backs are turned for a second he is gone focused on one thing Bramble. Please Please if there is anyone out there who can help in any way, to help and give advice I would be really grateful

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May 17, 2013
by: Rosemary

We too had a cat which was raised with dogs. We adopted a shelter JRT. We did not know about JRTs and cats or every other little furry animal for that matter. We kept Artie on a leash for a few days to keep them separated and to get used to each other. Took the JRT upstairs, closed the door and dropped the leash. Unbeknownst to me, kitty was hiding under the bed. In a flash, Artie had her in a corner by the throat. I was only able to get him off her because he was still leashed. To make a long story short, it took 26 MONTHS of closed doors and all kinds of precautions. Kitty spent a lot of time in the basement but we would carry her to the second floor so she could sit in a sunny window. It was a difficult time for the cat. After seeing her through glass doors and playing footsie under those doors, Artie finally got used to the idea she was here to stay. After stopped closing the doors, he would chase her halfheartedly but he always respected her little claws.

Yes, it was a drag but it worked out. The JRT is doing what he has been programmed to do. It needs a long conditioning period and lots of patience on everyone's part to accept your cat.

May 12, 2013
Jacks and cats
by: Anonymous

The trick is to introduce Jacks and cats slowly. However, not all Jacks get along with cats although many do. Jacks are hunters by nature and can consider cats as their prey. Even ones who are well trained. I would be very careful not to leave these two unsupervised. You may even want to keep a leash on Ted while he is in the same room as Bramble just in case you need to separate them quickly. Some people have used shock collars which is kind of cruel to the dogs...but even with those, if a dog is determined to get to prey, that won't make a difference. It's probably best to work out a schedule so that Bramble and Ted can live separate lives in different rooms within your house
Sounds like you got your hands full with this, I hope everything goes ok!

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