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Do JRs drink very little water?

by Jeni

We have a new adopted one year old JR that we are getting to know. We have had Labradors in the past and they drank buckets of water. Our new little JR very rarely drinks water. Mostly only after a walk to we see him drink. When he wakes up in the morning sometimes his tounge is very dry. Is this normal?

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Sep 25, 2013
Chicken stock!
by: Anonymous

Give your dog very diluted organic Chicken stock. He will drink and drink. But beware the pooing that takes place shortly afterwards! Most commercial dogfood in cans is 70% water so they get most of their hydration from their food. Our JR drank hardly anything apart from the chicken stock we gave if he was seriously in need of hydration. Good luck xx

Sep 18, 2013
jack Russell drinking habit.
by: john from hull (GB)


My jrt when younger didn't drink much water so I think your dog is normal....dry food will make him drink more,so you could try that.

The only time to worry is when your jrt drinks lots of water all of the time,as this is a sign of kidney failure or like my dog,Cushing's syndrome.



Sep 18, 2013
Drinking Habits
by: Paddy's Mom

Big dogs drink big. They have big thirst.
I do not know any information that would qualify
I can only share about Paddy.
He drinks a full regular doggy bowl of water every day
almost all of it.
He will not drink stale water unless he is dying of thirst.
He loves the water most when it is trickled into the bowl, lapping at it, playfully. It reminds dogs of their "wild" nature of drinking in running streams.
He drinks more that way.
Because your dog may have a history of question, we do not know what drinking habits he was encouraged in if any. He could have been left to drink from a gerbil type cage drinking bottle or may have not had much play time .. So the habits of thirst/lapping/drinking didn't happen.
Paddy also drinks after he eats.
Try to instill enjoyment of water, by trickling, and making sure clean, fresh water is available all the time. Better habits will follow.
Sorry I couldn't answer your original question, but hope this helped..

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