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do rough coated jack russell terriers shed? if so, how much?

we recently lossed our dear Rascal, a smooth coated jack.
We would love to have another just like him but we are wondering if a rough
coated jack sheds? And if so how much? Rascal left little white hairs on
everything : )

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Oct 11, 2011
Unfortunately Yes
by: Jeana S.

We have a rough coated JRT and unfortunately she does shed. We keep her groomed and it does seem to help. I also prefer the way she looks when groomed as I am not a fan of the wirery hair.

After having a pet free home for a few years now I find myself vacuuming the furniture once a week (more if family or friends are coming over). Not a fan of extra chores but she is worth it!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved pet. I hope a new addition to the family will help fill the void.

Oct 03, 2011
Jack Russell shedding
by: Tom

So sorry to hear about Rascal. It's never easy to lose a family member.

It's funny, most people are surprised when I tell them that my Jack's shed....they most definitely do thank you very much!!
I think you will find that all Jack Russell's shed (unfortunately). The short hair Jack's leave little white pices of fur that stick to everything and the long hair Jack's have fur that gathers on themselves. In the end, it all comes down to grooming. The more consistant you are with grooming, the more you will have a slightly cleaner house :-) Also, the better quality dog food you use can help. And a good vacuum!!

Here is a link to an article on this site regarding short versus long.

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