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docking tails

by carl

we have just got a pup and the tail has been docked can this still be done or have i benn had. and will i get in trubble for this even though i have not done the tail docking .

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May 01, 2012
Tail docking
by: Tom

I believe tail docking is illegal except if you have official papers stating why you had the docking done (if for example your dog is a working dog). So technically the breeder you got him from should provide this. Sometimes breeders find a way around docking by banding the tail - putting a band around the tail so that there is no oxygen and the tip falls off. Either way, it shouldn't be done. Most dog clubs will not let a dog with a docked tail be shown at any show.
You should not be in any trouble, you were not the one getting the docking done. But, I would question the reputability of the place you got him from if they are docking the dogs.

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