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Does she need a buddy?

by Karen
(Phoenix, AZ)

We got 2 female JRT puppies at the same time from two different litters. They were 8 weeks old. For the most part they did really well together, but over time they became more aggressive with each other. At 10 months old, we placed one of them in a new forever home, to someone who has an older JRT and they are doing great.

However, the JRT we kept is now displaying some behaviors I think might be linked to no longer having her little buddy around. For example, she is chasing light and/or shadows all over the house. She's also extremely needy & will no longer go outside to play or sun like she did when we had both of them.

I'm concerned because while I'm at home now, in about a month I'll be working full time again & I don't know how she will do without someone around all the time to keep her company.

Is it possible we need to get another dog (male) for her?

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