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Does techniques in book work with other small dogs bred for hunting?

by Stuart

I couldn't see your email well (pegasus mail) but doesn't matter. I had one JRT and now
getting another. I am reading your book now, it looked to be the thing I need. I trained bird
dogs, horses, cats, ponies, zebras, yes I was taught by the best animal trainer (Mickey
Bohannon) He said he would train a snake if his brain was big enough. The point is there
were things I missed in handling my first JRT so I got your book. Now for the question, How
do you think your training methods work on a mini dachshund or most any small dog that was
bred for hunting?
As reading your book I understand why Sugarbear would go in holes on my lake and drang coon's out and kill them in the water, she also killed a 42 in armadillo. 55 lb beaver and many snakes ( copperheads), moles, and had no fear. The only problem is if a chicken got in the yard it was toast too. I have grandchildren and want her to hunt squirrels also. I'm getting a young female and reading your book makes me more excited waiting for her to be weaned.
Thank you!

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Jun 27, 2011
Mini Daschund
by: Anonymous

You worked with Mickey Bohannon? That's pretty awesome!! Color me jealous.

In some ways the Terrier group shares similar traits to the Daschunds. Especially in the area of digging! The tips in the book still apply and actually apply for most dogs since positive reinforcement, behavior shaping, immediate rewards, consistency and repetition are used. In fact, these same techniques can even work with young children.....just in case any of your grandkids are giving you trouble :-)

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