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dog jumping on cars

by anelda
(south africa)

I have a 6 month old Jack Russel bitch as well as a 13 year old JR – the younger one now started to jump on my car’s bonnet – she started at first with my friend’s (it was his classic Porsche and she left it with scratches all over) and there after his other car. Yesterday I saw scratches on my car as well which means she is doing it now all the time. I watched her through the window yesterday where she once again jumped on my friend’s car twice – Unfortunately she only does it when we are in the house so I can’t catch her red handed to give her good hiding. My yard is divided into a front and back yard already and the dogs are at the back – they sleep inside though – I have only one garage so my car is often just parked in the back yard in front of the garage until I park it in the garage later – when someone is staying over, we have to park their car at the back as well, due to high crime rates in SA – I love my dog, but unfortunately will have to get rid of her if I cannot get her to stop this very urgently – I simply cannot allow or tolerate this kind of behavior.

Do you have any suggestions for me on how to train her not to do it? I am very upset about our cars and quite desperate.

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Sep 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Paddy has responded very well to the invisible fence. He has his own yard now and it is safe for him.
They also make a portable "fence" that resembles a smoke alarm, that can be used, in specific locations where you want to keep them out. I put one in the kitchen. There are ranges in feet, that you can select.
Additionally, there are remote zappers, but it is a different collar. Paddy's behavior has been so challenging, with biting for example, that I am investing in one of these as well.
Sorry Paddy, you're stuck with ME. Good luck dog jumping on cars. I hope YOU can solve the problem, because your JRT would just be a problem for the next person! Good luck seriously!

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