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dog Lover- leaving jack russell terriers with cats

My boyfriend has a Jack Russell and I have two full grown cats. We are trying to blend the famlies together. Everything I have read on the web says that we should never leave the cats and dogs alone in the house as the dog can kill the cats.

This has been very stressful and now more stressful reading these comments on the web. Please advise.

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Oct 14, 2011
Jacks and Cats
by: Pippa

It's a hard call. Jack Russells are hunters by calling. You do take a risk by leaving them alone together. Is there a way to keep the cats in a large room with a litter box while you are out of the house or the Jack in a crate? Some Jacks and Cats get along but every once in awhile I hear that even the friendliest of Jacks have turned on their furry friends.

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