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Dog peed on couch

My male Samson is 2 1/2 yrs. he struggled with housetraing when we got him (6mo) but once he got the hang of it NO ACCIDENTS AT ALL for well over a year. When it rains he will hold it for as long as 10-12 hrs. sometimes. On a normal day he has to hold it 8 hrs. again he is fine with this. Sometimes my husband runs a little late and I know we are pushing it, but he hasn't had an issue and just goes A LOT when he gets home.
Well yesterday was one of those days and when my husband came home he noticed he had peed on the couch cushion. Of course this was totally out of character so right away I thought maybe he had a UTI. I got a urine sample and took him to the vet today. All was normal. She did think it was odd that he went on the couch cushion since she said most of the time if it is a behavior issue they will lift their leg to the side of the couch or something smilar. She said take a wait/see approach to see if it happens again before we go further with testing. Although she did mention that if they have a seziure they may urinate. So now I am worried that maybe this happened. He has never had one before and she said the reasons they could have one are many.
Does anyone have any thoughts on why he would have peed in the first place or do you have a dog that has seziures??

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Jun 14, 2012
Jack peed on couch
by: Maya

I'm glad you went and got your Jack looked at! It's true, it could be a whole host of different things (which is very scary, I know). It sounds like he might have been at his breaking point and just really had to go. I would keep a little notebook and just jot down if/when he goes in the house so that you can keep track in case that vet needs the info to help narrow things down. In the meantime, make sure he gets out a bit sooner :-) And also, go to the pet store to buy some enzyme based spray because dogs have a strong sense of smell and will go again in spots they can sniff out.

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