Dog Rehoming - Finding a New Home For Your Dog

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Dog rehoming is not something that should be undertaken without careful consideration. There are many questions to ask yourself before you offer your dog up for sale or adoption. You have to ask yourself why you really want to give your dog away and if the issue can't be resolved any other way. If you're absolutely certain that you need to find a new home for your dog, you can learn here what you need to know about the dog rehoming process.

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Reasons For Rehoming A Dog

There are many good reasons an owner may want or need to rehome their dog. These include:

  • Moving to a new residence that won't suit the dog
  • Moving to a new city or country
  • Death of the owner
  • Onset of illness that makes caring for the dog properly difficult or impossible
  • Change of circumstances that mean the owner hasn't got the time to look after the dog
These are just a few of the reasons that you may want to rehome your dog. However, the most common reason is this:
  • The dog just won't behave.

If this is the reason you're considering rehoming your dog, I suggest you stop for a moment. Chances are the behavior problems you're facing are very common and can be easily fixed with the right information. If you are having trouble with your dog's behavior, there's a good chance that the answer to your problem is inside my ebook "Tha Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training". You may find the behavior problems can be easily fixed with a few simple techniques, saving your relationship with your pet.

Seriously consider whether the reason you want to rehome your dog can be dealt with in a less drastic way. Perhaps you could hire a pet-sitter to look after the dog when you aren't around? Perhaps you could fund-raise to have your pet transported to a new city? There are really very few situations where keeping your pet is completely impossible. Think about the fun and memories you've had with your dog and ask yourself if rehoming is really the right option.

How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

If you've decided that you absolutely can't keep your dog and you want to sell him or give him away to a good home, there are a few options available to you.

First of all, you can try to rehome your dog privately. You can do this through classified ads, either online or in a local newspaper.

If you go for this option, be very careful about finding out plenty of information about the people who respond to your ad. Don't just give your dog away to anyone. Even if you aren't particularly attached to your dog, your decision about who to give him to will affect the rest of his life. That's a big responsibility.

Another option is dog rehoming through social networking. Ask your friends to ask their friends if anyone is looking for a dog. New technologies such as Facebook can also help you in this respect. If your have Facebook, put up a status message asking for help to find a new home for your dog and watch what happens.

Dog rescue centres are also an option for those looking to find a new home for their dog. You can either contact a generic dog rescue centre, such as your local SPCA, or a breed-specific rescue centre. There are Jack Russell rescue centres in many major cities around the world.

Be warned though - if you are giving your dog away to a rescue centre, there may be a possibility that he will be put down if they can't find him a home after a certain amount of time. Be very careful about making this decision. If you must give your dog to an animal shelter, try to find one that states they are no-kill shelter. This means that any animals they take in will be cared for until they are found a new home, and never put down for lack of a loving family.

Consider The Consequences

Dog rehoming is never an easy decision to make. Always ask yourself if there is another way to solve your situation, and whether you can really live without your dog - you may find that you only start to appreciate him once he's gone. Is the situation long term? It would be a shame to give away your dog only to find that your circumstances change again in 3 months and you want him back.

Spend some more time with your dog before making this decision to help you figure out if you can really deal with parting the ways. But also consider what's best for the dog. If you simply can't provide the level of love and care your dog deserves, it's time to seek out a new, loving home for him. Best of luck.

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