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dogs fighting

by julie

I have 2 jack russells who are on heat at the moment and they keep fighting. Usually they get on really well and this is very worrying any tips?

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Jan 15, 2012
Jack Russells fighting
by: Tara

Many times, female dogs are not a good mix. When two females are close in age, there is a lot of competition. Fighting over rank and status is very common. Such fights usually occur the most in the presence of the owner. Because the owner is the ultimate pack leader, they may fight over who gets attention first. Owners must be knowledgeable on which of the two is higher in rank so he can pet/feed/let out/praise that Jack first every time and avoid conflicts. Also, never break up two fighting Jacks by getting in the middle, it can be dangerous. It is better to shock them with a loud noise, throwing a blanket over them, shocking them with water, etc.

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