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Dogs have started to fight!!!

by Jan

We have 2 male JRTs neither of which are neutered. They are both nearly 2 years old although not related. We bought one and rescued the other but got them both within a couple of months of each other so they have been living together quite happily for best part of 2 years. Recently they have begun to have some quite vicious fights which seem to be triggered by jealousy as it only happens when we are giving attention to one or the other of them. Both myself and my daughter have received nasty bites whilst trying to seperate them - although the bites were not meant for us we just got caught whilst trying to seperate them. We are increasing their exercise regime and trying to manage the jealousy issue. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Would neutering be likely to help?

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Jan 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you Paddys mum .
There have not been any further 'incidents' since I posted original query. I have been very aware and have been able to recognise the signs and prevent anything escalating. The tin is a good idea and I will try that too. Am planning to make an appointment with the vet next week to discuss neutering.

Jan 08, 2013
Neuter! ASAP!
by: PADDY'S mom

Yes, Neutering will help! Do NOT physically get in between the dogs!
Try shaking a soda can , rinsed out, with several pennies in it, sealed with tape. and saying sternly NO bite! Use a strong squirt gun, preferably with ice water, still saying NO NO BITE. Then gripe them out royally.
As you indicated, try not to do things to exacerbate the problems.
You will have much better pets, overall if you neuter them. If you leave them alone, however, they will likely resort to this behavior again, be sure to watch for bite marks, in case one is dominating the other and causing bad wounds. You may have to crate them when you aren't there... Good luck!

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