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Double trouble with mister Pépé!!!

by Pierre
(Quebec City PQ. Canada)

I have a JRT 3½ years old named Pépé, He's a very funny dude.
But lately he changed behavior in the last 2 weeks. I don't understand why. He used to obey to my command very well, when I call his name. But now it's like if he was teasing me.
He is running away from the house not very far, but too close to a busy street. And I'm very afraid for him to get hurt. I'm taking very good care of him, we go for a walk and play almost every day 45 to 90 minutes. My working time is about 30 hours a week when I go most of the time he's not alone but 2 days a week I'm out for about 10 hours each day. When I'm leaving home he is looking like a lost dog. What can I do for this good friend of mine, so he won't worry any more?

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May 30, 2010
Double Trouble
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

It sounds as if your Terrier isn't getting to spend as much time with you as he would like.

The fact that he is leaving your house unleashed and close to a road is a recipe for disaster. I hate to say it but the number one cause of deaths with Jacks are because of automobiles
I admire the fact that you spend time playing with your Jack but IMO it doesn't sound like he is getting enough exercise. When the average person walks their dog, it is at a pace that is of little value as far as adequate exercise for a dog. For every mile the human walks, the dog would have to run (at a considerable pace) five miles to equal the amount of exercise the human has just used. What is beneficial is, if in your area there is a slight hill that you could throw a ball onto the hill, making your Jack run uphill to play fetch. Throw the ball forty to fifty times each time you play.

As far as your dog developing "Selective Hearing" when you call him..... It sounds to me like your Russell thinks the word "come" has little to no value anymore. Let?s assume you have taught your dog the Sit command. When you tell your dog to sit and he continues to stand there looking at you, do you give him the Sit command again, and again, and again still with no results? By him not performing a Sit after you gave the command the first time, every time you repeat the command and he isn't required to follow the command you are de-valuing that command. Tell your dog to sit, one time, and if they do not perform the Sit then it is up to you to maintain the high value of your commands.. Congratulations, you have now taught your dog that when given a command it needs to be performed and if it?s not I will reinforce the command.

For a dog that seems like they are playing a game of cat and mouse with their owner, I suggest calling the dogs name in a higher than normal voice and turning away from the dog and jogging in the opposite direction of the dog. If this doesn't bring your dog in your direction, try kneeling down with your back to the dog and pretend you have a REALLY FUN toy you are playing with. Throw in a couple of high pitched squeals every once in a while. Another thing about recalling your dog; never call your dog to you when your dog will see the moment as something unpleasant. For example if your dog hates having their toenails clipped, instead of calling your dog to you and trimming his nails, go and get them and bring them to where you will be clipping their nails. Every time your dog comes to you when you call them, from the dog?s point of view it should be something good will happen. If you don't happen to have treats in your pocket, you can still create a desirable environment for your dog by, "throwing a party for them". Get excited, higher pitch voiced when you pet them, get them all excited.

Filling a couple of Kongs with Peanut Butter or canned cheese and then freezing them at night give them to him before you go to work.

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