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Ear issue

I have a 3 month old JRT, both his ears have always sat forward until 7 days ago his right ear now sits to the side and has stayed in that position since. I put his ear back in the forward position and it will stay but only for a few minutes or until he moves his head and then it goes back to the side position again.Its hard to explain but looking at it from the back its like there is a crease/fold in his ear so instead of it falling naturally forward it just flops over to the side. He doesn't seem bothered by it or irritated in any way but I just thought it was odd as its never been like this and just all of a sudden it happened and has stayed like that? I bring him for walks in the forest and he loves to run through the long grass so I thought maybe he was stung by a nettle or a bug or tick but I've had a look and cant see anything inside his ear or outside and there is no swelling. I know he is still growing and developing so maybe its part of that and will correct itself eventually or not, either way i'm not bothered by it once he is not bothered by it but i'm just a bit concerned in case it could be something more serious?
Any help help would be appreciated.

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