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by George
(Anderson, SC)

We rescued a JRT about 10 months ago. Just appeared out of nowhere. Took him in had his shots, etc and tried to go from there. Wouldn't eat for us from the getgo. Tried everything under the sun from feeding from our hands to begging! Tried several different brands, Iams, Blue, mixing dry with canned. Seemed at times we had finally found something he would eat. Then he would stop eating again. Found this web site and put him on a raw hamburger, rice and egg diet. Finally he came to eat without begging him. Now once again he won't eat. Loves people food if you give it to him, but I don't want to do that. Seems to me he gets bored with what we try to feed him. We are vegetarians and really don't have table food, but that really isn't good anyway, right? Has anyone else run into this problem, does anyone have any suggestions. My patience is running out. We love him and would never consider not keeping him. We do think he was abused, just want him to eat for us. Thanks a lot.

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Aug 21, 2011
Rescued Jack not eating
by: James

We also rescued a Jack and she had trouble eating as well. I read that this is not uncommon for rescued dogs and especially those that come from puppy mills. Here are a couple ideas that we tried....

1. Don't change food too much because it can confuse a dog and also cause tummy issues like diarrhea.

2. Try some "toppers" like parmesan cheese, ground up dried liver, boiled liver in a paste to mix in, bacon bits, drippings from a tuna can, etc.

3. Mix in a little moist dog food and heat up in the microwave for a few seconds to release some of the "aroma" since dogs are very scent based.

4. Put your dog on a feeding schedule. We divided up her food and gave her 10-20 minutes each time, 2 times a day. She realized that she had to eat now or she was going to have to wait for the next feeding.

5. If all else fails you can make homemade meals - we did this for awhile- once a week and put in the freezer. She really preferred this over everything else. There is a link for a recipe book on this website or you can always google. People have different thoughts on homemade meals but for us we were just worried about weight gain.

Hope this helps!

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