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by Eileen Dawson

My jr puppy is 4 months old. He has suddenly decided he does not like walking. I take him out but he sits down and will not be moved.I have a clicker and a pocket full of treats but he will not be moved. Walking with him is a nightmare

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Apr 26, 2012
Walking a young pup
by: Steve

At 4 months old you might find that you are walking too far for the little fella. They only have a small liver and cannot cope with long walks too early. He will be fine, just do not expect too much too early

Apr 06, 2012
Not wanting to go for walks
by: Sylvia

We have a fifteen month Jack Russell, and he did that. Do as what was suggested. Jack Russells have a very strong will and are highly intelligent.You have to let him know you are the boss, sooner than later is good. Just keep trying and he will be okay.
He is still a puppy,
Good luck

Apr 05, 2012
by: Deborah

Sounds like he has a fear about walking just keep it going and pull him if nessarsary of course not hard and get a Martindale collar it tightens around the neck but nothing harsh and at least if he trys to back out of the collar he will not be able to you will be surprized on one day his fear will be over but just keep walking him and he will get over the hump and will be just fine.
Good Luck

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