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My dog was just diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He has had an EKG and a sonogram, they recommend he come back in 8 months. He has a murmur also. Is there anything we can do for him any organic treatments?

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Sep 17, 2011
Jack Russell Terrier with enlarged heart
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear about your keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything will work out okay. There are natural supplements that you can use to help your dog's heart condition.

All dogs with heart issues should be put on a low salt diet to reduce liquid retention. Dietary supplements can help such as:
Taurine and Dogs – amino acid produced naturally by dogs. This substance helps to regulate heartbeat, helps calcium absorption during times of reduced oxygen and protects the heart from calcium overload. In order to produce taurine (from vitaimin B-6, dogs also need the substances methionine and cystine. Other good supplements are vitamins C and B-1. Taurine has no known side effects, but safe dosage should be based on the recommendation of a Veterinarian.

Carnitine and coenzyme Q are also often recommened by Veterinarians as they help with dog enlarged heart by bringing fatty acids into muscle cells which is then converted into the needed energy. This substance is considered safe. Try not to use D-carnitine or DL carnitine which causes problems with muscle function and possibly angina.

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