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Excited barking/screaming at other dogs?

by Gina

I have 2 Parson JRTs (one 12 and one 2 years old). The younger one has always been extremely excitable (the vet described him as perhaps having mental issues) who is very demanding but extremely lovable. We have problems when walking him because he yells and scretches when he sees almost any dog. He jumps and pulls and twists the whole time. I think he wants to go and play but other dogs don't like his behaviour. We did take him to training classes as a puppy but spent most of the time stood outside the door because of his barking. He goes crazy at people walking past too and now just stands and barks at us if he wants anything from going for a walk to us to wanting to sit on our knee. He hasn't really learnt to solcialize with other dogs and I naively thought that he didn't need it because we had another dog here (plus we had a spell where they had a couple of fights although this has resolved itself and they seem happy together now). I need to find a way of walking him without the embarressing and physical difficulties of him going mental every time he sees a dog in the distance plus I feel really nervous when he is throwing himself towards Rotweillers and Alsations. Basically HELP! Any suggestions please?

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Aug 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I am really pushing with the basic obedience training at the moment which seems to be coming along quite well when there are no distractions. I have also been recommended a trainer who has an hour individual sessions with him before advising which of her training classes would be best for him. He certainly is the most difficult dog I have ever owned but he is extremely loving so I think it is a case of perservering with him.

Aug 05, 2012
Excitable Jack
by: Patty

Sounds like you have your hands full :-). The 2 year old sounds like she has you wrapped around her little paws. I'm wondering if you work on basic obedience skills with both dogs inside your home- commands like "sit", "stay", etc. It's important to know these skills in order to start addressing the behavior you are seeing in your home and then you can start using those skills to address the outside behavior. Remember that Rome wasnt built in a day, this may take awhile. Make sure you are ignoring the barking that is used to demand walks. When you hear the barking you must completely turn your back to your Jack. Nothing in life is free, in terms of treats. Once she is quiet she can get one. I would consider bringing in a pet behaviorist to address some of the issues you are seeing. I think it will speed up the results and ease your frustration.

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