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Exercise for JRT puppies(How much is too much?)

by Brianne burrows
(Puyallup, Washington, U.S.)

My jack russell is 4 1/2 months old and has lots of energy, wanting to drain some I started taking him on my morning hikes where we do a mix of running and walking through the trails for roughly 30 mins-hour and he loves it, still energized when we get home! I wanted to make sure he was getting the right amount so I started doing some research and found that according to most websites, that is way too much for him..

A light 20 minute walk per day is the recomendation I keep finding for puppies his age but I know that would do nothing to tire out this dog, I'm thinking the recommended twenty minutes of daily exercise is probably suitable for the majority of dogs, either bigger breeds that are growing at much more drastic rates and wouldn't be able to handle that amount of stress on their joints or for the small, lower energy, less athletic breeds. Jack puppies don't seem to fit in to that mix well being as energized as the big dogs but not going through the same amount of change so it is hard to gage how much his body can handle especially since he never seems to want to stop.

Diesel is always on the go and so athletic, is twenty minutes of walking per day really what he should be getting? And if so when can I start taking him jogging with me?

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Nov 03, 2012
Jack puppies and amount of exercise
by: Paula

Your research is correct about the amount of exercise because if you overwork a dog at a young age they can be prone to hip displasia and other type issues when they are older. You can add 5 minutes of exercise for every month. And it might be better to do 4 short walks then 2 long ones.

I think you should alternate between physical exercise and mental stimulation. Obedience drills for 20 minutes are just as tiring as a 20-minute walk and its good for your relationship and your dog’s manners. You can take a local class together or learn simple drills from a book - lie "sit", "stay" and "come".

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