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Exhausted and Confused

by kate
(pennsylvania )

We recently adopted a 6 week old kitten about a week ago. We have a German shepherd and a jack Russel, both males. Riley is my JR who seems to be obsessed with the kitten. We have set up an empty bedroom for the kitten. Riley follows him around the house, watches him through a baby gate, sits on our laps as close to the kitten as possible. The kitten and him get along really well except for now. The kitten has learned how to start running which causes riley to want to chase. This ends up with him chasing him which leads to nudging that is sometimes a little rough for the kittens tiny size. We have tried leashing riley while we are home, baby gates and treats, but he just whines until he can follow and chase him. It is even to the point that he will forget to eat. He is obsessed and now it is even happening at 2am every night. How can we break him of this obsession? Help!

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Jan 06, 2015
Jack Russells and cats
by: Lisa

Unfortunately some Jacks and cats don't mix well....and it's not the fault of the cat. Jack's are hunter dogs and will hunt their prey. Cat's make nice prey. It sounds like if you keep both of them and you are not always able to keep the two apart, the cat might get hurt. Sadly, you may have to think about rehoming one of them.

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