Famous Jack Russells and Famous Jack Russell Owners

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There are many famous Jack Russells of both the big and small screens. Because of their intelligence, trainability and cuteness, they've become a popular breed of choice for movies and TV. They have also become popular as pets among many movies stars, singers and other famous people. First, let's take a look at the Jack Russells who have made it big in Hollywood. Then we'll look at some stars and famous people who choose to have Jack Russells as pets.

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Famous Jack Russells from TV and Movies


A TV series about a Jack Russell with an overactive imagination. I actually think this is not a bad representation of what the inside of a Jack Russells mind looks like. Wishbone daydreams about playing heroic roles from popular stories - in typical Jack Russell fashion, he has a very high idea of himself.

Milo from "The Mask"

Milo was played by a JRT named Max. Milo plays alongside Jim Carrey as a kind of sidekick, helping him out of tight situations. It seems appropriate that the dog in this movie is a Jack Russell, considering the personality that comes out when Carrey puts on the mask - mischievous and out of control.

Eddie From "Frasier"

Eddie was actually played by two different dogs: Moose and his son, Enzo. Funnily enough, the two didn't get along very well and had to be kept separate most of the time when they were on set.

This pair are arguably the most famous JRTs ever to appear on television (even though most people don't realize there's two of them). Moose and Enzo also doubled for the role of Skip in the movie My Dog Skip.

There's an interesting story that goes along with Moose's rise to stardom. His original owners actually gave him up to a rescue organization because they couldn't get him under control. He was adopted by a dog trainer who decided to work with Moose's natural strong, rather than against it, and in the end turned him into one the best behaved JRTs the world has ever seen. I explain more about how he turned this problem dog into a star in my ebook on Jack Russell training.

Moose died in 2006. His son Enzo lives on with his trainer.

Famous JRTs from History


Trump was the founding female of the Jack Russell line, owned by the original breeder himself, Parson John (aka Jack) Russell. Read more about Trump on the Jack Russell Terrier history page.

Carlisle Tack

Carlisle Tack was another famous Jack Russell from the early days after the development of the breed, and many JRTs are believed to be descended from his line.

Some Famous Jack Russell Owners

Mariah Carey and Nick Brown - singers.

Charlotte Church - singer.

The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) and Camilla Parker-Bowles - British royalty.

Paul McCartney - singer.

Bette Midler - actress.

Serena Williams - tennis player.

All of these people from diverse backgrounds are famous Jack Russell owners.

Other Famous Jack Russells


Bothie was owned by the polar explorer Ranulf Fiennes. He accompanied his owner on expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic regions, which proves once again just how tough and determined Jack Russells are, to survive in such harsh conditions. He is the only dog known to have visited the North and South Poles.


George was a heroic JRT from New Zealand who died defending five children from a pair of attacking pit bulls. Geroge was 9 years old at the time. George was awarded Britain's highest honour for bravery for an animal. This story proves again the huge tenacity and spirit of the Jack Russell Terrier.

Just to put this in perspective, it's likely that the pit bulls involved had been deliberately trained for aggression for illegal dogfighting, and it's well known that dog fighters use Jack Russell Terriers as bait to stir up blood lust in their dogs. The fact that this little guy took then both on is absolutely remarkable and shows the amazing courage of our little dogs.

Jack Russell Training Information

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