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by sophie

hello i have a 7 week old puppy that i brought yesterday the person i brought it off told me he is eatting a whole tin of dog food 395g and a bowl of dried food and he is on milk still with water in i think personally myself this is to much for such a little dog i wanted to no if this is right or if its wrong how much should i b feeding him

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Nov 22, 2011
Over Feeding advice!!!
by: Sue, Staffordshire

Hi Sophie, I am inclined to agree with Gretta, that sounds like too much food for a 7 wk old puppy! Four small feeds with fresh water is what I did with my two Jacks then straight into garden or wherever your training your new puppy to 'pee & poop' as they always want to go after their meal!
After about four or five months I started to reduce feeding to three times a day then eventually twice a day. Good luck with your little one. XX

Nov 20, 2011
Jack Russell puppy
by: Gretta

Doesn't sound like you got the best of instructions - was this from a reputable breeder?
At 7 weeks old I fed my Jack 4 times a day and about 1/4 cup food each time....I think that equals 30 grams. So that would be roughly 120 total for the day. You may want to double check with the person you got the dog from to make sure you were given the correct instructions.

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