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by Julia

It's been two days since I brought home my five-week old Jack Russell Fox terrier home and she would barely take a few licks of food and not drink water at all. How do I get her to willingly eat and drink?

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Dec 24, 2013
Jack puppy not eating
by: Anonymous

5 weeks is WAY too young for a puppy to be taken from her mother. Some irresponsible breeders let them go at 6 weeks and that is too soon.
Puppies have very defined stages of development. During these periods they learn crucial lessons on being dogs, interacting, communication even bite inhibition from their littermates and mother. At the tender age of 5 weeks, she may not be eating on his own very well. Puppies receive all the nutrients they need in their mother’s milk at a young age, but need weaning in order to learn to eat puppy food

I would talk to a vet about using a combination of baby formula (for humans) with a mixture of water and crushed dog food.

Good luck! I'm sure she will be eating you out of house and home soon enough :-)

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