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Female JRT's in the same house.

by Jeannette Blacquiere
(Ontario Canada)

We have a 4 year old female JRT. We just bought 2 new JRT female puppies. I didn't research before buying them. We love our older JRT and thought getting puppies of the same breed would be ok. After getting them home and reading online I realize that this wasn't a good idea. It says 2 or more female JRT's can't live in the same house. They will hurt each other. Is it possible to train them to get along ? Thank you for any advice .

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Apr 12, 2013
Not true
by: kel

I have two females- sisters but from different litters. They are inseparable- and become extremely anxious when forced apart for even 5 minutes. I rescued them as adult dogs and have had them for a year- have never seen them fight. They do try and dominate each other by mounting and so forth but seem to love each other to death with no aggression whatsoever.

Dec 13, 2012
6 JRT'S Same House!
by: Anonymous

Don't tell are JRT'S that 2 can't live in the same house!!!!!! We have 6 living with us, 1 male 5 females get a long good!! It's is all on you!! with training and be Pack Leader!!

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