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Female problems x 2.

Anyone else out there own 2 females that have aggression issues towards each other? Any solutions or advise? Thanks,

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Jan 15, 2013
2 females together?
by: Tillies Mum

I bought a female JR in August (age 8 wks.and my son bought her sister. The first time we visited they were fighting and racing around the garden and I was quite worried. However we visit them about every 2 weeks and gradually they have got better, they still race around on meeting again, but not so ferocious. They are both 8 months old now and they play well together, still manic on meeting but soon settle down. When it got too much we would make them go to their beds (side by side. So far no more problems. I would also add that when they were fighting and going for each others necks, there was no actual biting, so no blood. I think they just need to establish who'se home it is. They go for long walks together and no problem there.

Oct 25, 2012
2 females
by: Deborah

whenever you have 2 females it is very very hard if they get into a fight they will usually fight to the death!I have 2 males and at first it is rough but they worked it out and now they are best of buddies!But they say you should never have 2 girls in 1 household because of the aggression.
Good Luck I hope they work it out!

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