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Fighting Jack Russell/Chi cross sisters

by Kimberly

I have a set of twin jack-chi's and they are the best of friends until recently they cant be in the same room together. They are turning two. I NEED HELP. I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH.

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Jan 31, 2013
Choose a Beta
by: JohndeSD

Female terriers are notorious for wanting to establish dominance and a pecking order within their pack. Both want to be the beta (you should be the alpha) and it will be up to you to pick one. You could try to treat them equally, but the fighting will likely continue.

Or you could try to choose the beta dog and establish the pack order. Usually it's the older or larger or the two females, or the one who shows the more dominant traits. Subtle things like greeting the beta first, feeding her first, giving her a preferred place on your bed, putting the submissive dog in dominance down and letting the beta approach to sniff her (you never do the reverse, though).

It's hard for many people to do this because they worry that the submissive dog will feel marginalized, or not as loved as the beta. But most breeds crave pack order, especially pack hunters like JRT's.

Jan 29, 2013
2 girl JRT,s
by: Deborah

You should never ever have 2 of the same sex of JRT,s in 1 household females will fight to the death if you are not careful.....I have 2 boy JRT,s and they are the best buddies in the world and the same thing goes for 2 boys in the same house but sometimes it works and sometimes it does not it sounds like you may need to get a trainer or give up one of the girls Im not kidding I wish you the best of luck always...Never leave them in the house alone even for a moment it can be so bad :( Im so sorry to say...

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