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First season over and she is peeing on her bed and my older dogs bed help

by Alison

Sprocket is 11 months old and just finished her first season.she is peeing in her crate till it is dripping and stinky and also inmy poor 14 year old dogs bedding.she also has started to pee by my front door.she was fully house broken before and was just starting to be over a lot of the puppy behaviour that I trained her out of.she seems to have gone backwards and I don't understand it.can anyone enlighten me as to why.she doesn't have an infection etc she is perfectly healthy.she even does this when the back door is left open for them to come and go as they please.its so frustrating why would she pee in her own bed?she has tried to push her luck with a few things during her season and although now its been over a couple of weeks something's are starting to settle this seems to be getting worse.does anyone know why please ?

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Jul 17, 2012
Jack peeing after first season
by: Peter

She could be "marking" which for a female dog in heat spreads the scent to males that she is available. This is quite common. Or sometimes a dog can lose muscle control while in heat. It could also be a urinary track infection. Best to ask your Vet.

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